Peru is a unique destination. Its living culture, impressive history and diversity of natural resources make a visit there a truly unforgettable experience. From Cuzco to Lake Titicaca, walking at Machu Picchu of the Incas, or traveling through the jungle or over the Nazca Lines, discover a new adventure in each of its attractions to experience a really different vacation.

Peru invites you, with a pisco sour or a glass of sweet chicha morada, to enjoy the best beaches, the landscape of valleys and Andean mountain peaks, the majesty of the flight of the condor, the imposing view of Machu Picchu and the magic of Incan Cusco, the incredible Aguashiyacu waterfalls, discover the Chachapoyas kingdom, while discovering the sounds of the Amazon or simply relaxing before the stunning Lake Titicaca. Whether on the coast, the mountains or the jungle, discover a culture and history that continue to live through the joy and warmth of its people. Discover a country with a thousand attractions and experience a vacation that will be forever etched in your memory and maintain the longings of returning to Peru.

Peru Destinations

The Best Destinations for this 2019

machu picchu


This trip was specially designed to get to know and to enjoy Peru comfortably, its history, its people and its different regions, each one with varied landscapes, customs, food and lifestyles. Covering the three regions of Peru...

  • 12 Days - 11 Nights
  • From


Journey perfect for the outdoors lovers who wants a challenging hike and amazing views before Machu Picchu, walking across the mountainside of the majestic Apu Salkantay, biking through andean valleys, listening weird sounds of the Jungle...

  • 12 Days - 11 Nights
  • From


This is one of the most wonderful and fascinating nature trips in the world. Our overland route crosses a hight variety of life zones and different Archaeological Sites from highlands to lowlands, taking us through an array of ecosystems...

  • 14 Days - 13 Nights
  • From

The Most Popular Tours

machu picchu family trip


Unforgettable tour visiting fascinating historic buildings of the Inca civilization and witness ancestral customs, history, nature and beautiful landscapes. We travel with...

  • 4 Days - 3 Nights
  • From
Trek to machupicchu


Experience special flora and fauna while traversing the the rocky landscapes around a sacred mountain near Cusco. From the Andes to the Cloud Forests you will arrive to...

  • 5 Days - 4 Nights
  • From
jungle adventure


Travelling to Tambopata National Reserve offers a rare opportunity to discover a lively biodiversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and trees. Record-setting numbers of animal species are...

  • 4 Days - 3 Nights
  • From

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