Cusco Classic 4D/3N

Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu – Maras Moray – City Tour


04 Days

Max. Altitude

11,482 ft - 3,500 m.


Photography, Exploring, History




Van, Train and Bus

Tour Description

Unforgettable tour visiting  fascinating historic buildings  of the Inca civilization and witness ancestral customs, history, nature and beautiful landscapes. We travel with you from the valleys and tipical towns to the cloud forest where is located Machu Picchu, a true wonder of the world.

Trip Highlights

  • Landing in the Navel of the incas world which is Cusco.
  • Share experiences with the Andes people along the Sacred valley.
  • Explore Inca city of Cusco and the huge Incas blocks of stone.
  • Be one the explorers into the wonder of the world , Machu Picchu.
  • Enjoy a beautiful journey by train into the cloud forest through the Sacred Valley.
  • Visit some local markets of Cusco even museums.
  • Walk through the mystic streets of Cusco full of history.


Sacred Valley of the Incas Pisaq & Ollantaytambo

2,900 metres – 9,514 ft

After picking you up from your hotel we take you to the Sacred Valley. The lower altitude will help you avoid altitude sickness. Here you will visit Pisac, a beautiful Inca town where you can find amazing views of the valley.

After visiting Pisac you will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch of typical regional food. Next we will visit Ollantaytambo and other Inka towns with impressive architecture and residents in typical Peruvian clothing.

Machu Picchu

2,400 metres – 7,874 ft

We will travel in the morning by train for approximately 2 hours from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. You can leave your luggage here and pick up some snacks.

Then it’s off to a 3 hour guided tour of the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

After visiting the citadel you can have lunch in the Sanctuary Lodge restaurant near Machu Picchu or in Aguas Calientes.
Your are then free to rest in your hotel or explore the town.

Maras – Moray

3,500 meters – 11,482 ft

Early in the morning we take the train back to Ollantaytambo and continue our adventure by visiting Moray.

These amazing and strange circular terraces were built by the Inkas to use as a greenhouse. We then visit the Maras salt mine formation.

After recovering our energy with a delicious buffet lunch in Urubamba we can visit Chinchero if time allows.

Here you will find a traditional market, a church with ancient canvases, beautiful Inka buildings and people in typical Peruvian clothing.
Finally we will come back to your hotel in Cusco city.

Cusco City Tour

3,400 metres – 11,200 ft

Our last day of adventure will be a city tour of the capital of the Inkas.

Our itinerary includes: the perfect architecture of the Temple of the Sun Koricancha, the hugh stones of temple of thunderbolt Sacsayhuaman, important ceremonial places such as Qenqo, and the red fortress Puca Pucara, which once guarded the main entrance of the Inka Capital.

Finally we visit the spectacular ceremonial water fountains of Tambomachay. Transportation back to you hotel ends a full day of adventure.


  • Professional bilingual Guide.
  • Private transport.
  • Hotel in different locations.
  • Bus ticket to Machupicchu.
  • Train ticket roundtrip.
  • Entrance ticket Sacred Valley.
  • Entrance ticket Machupicchu.
  • Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport.
  • Assistance 24 hrs.

Not included:

  • Food, Tips, Snacks, Drinks, Extra expenses.
  • Original passport and student ISIC Card if applicable.
  • Small back pack and confortable shoes.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December – April).
  • Two complete change of clothing.
  • Hat or cap to protect you from the sun.
  • Sun block (sun protection cream).
  • Insect repellent.
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, etc.
  • Camera, plenty of film and batteries.
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra Money (soles).
  • Swimwear.
  • Sit down with a shaman for a private meditation ceremony.
  • Observe local weavers at work during private demonstrations.
  • Hone your kitchen skills during Peruvian cooking classes with celebrated chefs.
  • Admire views of the Andes from your luxury, vintage-style carriage on the Belmond Hiram Bingham Train.
  • Take a day hike along part of the famed Inca Trail and arrive in Machu Picchu via the iconic Sun Gate.
  • Amp up the adrenaline with exhilarating adventure activities such as riding the fast-flowing rapids of the Vilcanota River, or zooming along zip lines among towering Andean peaks.


As soon as people book their trip to Peru, specifically Cusco, they start wondering about altitude sickness. The air at high altitudes contains less oxygen than at sea level and forces your body to work harder to get the oxygen it needs. Over several days at high altitude, your body adjusts to the lower amount of oxygen in the air.

With altitude sickness, you may first feel like you have the flu or a hangover. You may have a headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, trouble sleeping, trouble breathing during exercise. If any of these effects become severe, please contact our office and we will help you get to a doctor.

Most of the time, these symptoms will be mild. We always recommend easing into activity slowly, allowing your body to adjust. Drink plenty of fluids such as water or coca tea. Coca tea has been used since ancient times to help prevent altitude sickness. Leaves from the coca plant contain alkaloids which helps bring oxygen into your blood, helping your body avoid the effects of altitude sickness. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and coffee. They will cause you to urinate more often and become dehydrated. Avoid smoking. Smoking makes it more difficult for your body to get oxygen. Avoid sleeping pills. They may cause shallow breathing at night, making it more difficult for your body to absorb oxygen while you sleep.

Your healthcare provider may prescribe medicines, such as acetazolamide and dexamethasone, to help prevent altitude sickness. Start the medicine two days before you get to a high altitude. Continue to take it while you are at high altitude.

Luggage Storage

Even though this is an overnight tour by train, your luggage allowance is still limited due to restrictions on the train. All bags brought to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) need to be carry on size. Any extra luggage you have with you can be left safely in Cusco at either your hotel or with us at the Neotropic Peru Travel deposit while you travel. We will grab from you the morning of your tour and return once you are back in Cusco. Make sure your bags have some kind of identification on them so they are easy to locate.


Of course weather is unpredictable. Typically the dry season in Cusco is from April through October, but this does not stop rain from falling in June or the sun from coming out in December – just be prepared. No matter what month you are doing the trek, please make sure that you have rain gear that includes a waterproof jacket, pants, poncho and waterproof gloves.

Also prepare for four seasons. Many of the treks through the Andes involve many micro-climates and you will need to be prepared for all seasons. Layers are always key as they are easy to adjust to the different temperatures. And evenings will always be cold, so please be prepared with a warm, winter-weight jacket.

Can I book my own hotels?

Absolutely. If you look at the PRICING, you will see that there is one price for including three star hotels and another for no hotels. We can also book any other hotel for you. Just let us know and we can quote any of the hotels in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu for you.

Are flights included?

Unfortunately no. Neotropic Peru does not include flights for this trip.

How many people will be part of my tour group?

Our organized itineraries like this 4 Day tour through Cusco region are typically done as individual bookings. While others may join you if interested in the same day, the groups will always be small up to 12 people max. Private groups are very easily accommodated as well.

Can I bring my luggage to Machu Picchu?

All larger luggage should stay in Cusco and can be stored either at your hotel or with us at our deposit. The train to Aguas Calientes only allows small bags aboard.

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