Birdwatching Experiences in Peru

Highly Recommended Birdwatching Itineraries

sword billed hummingbird

Birding in the Sacred Valley 1 Day / $180

Join us for a comprehensive full day birding tour through the Andes, high Andean lagoons, and polylepys forest...

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full day birding tour

Huacarpay Birding 1 Day / $150

Huacarpay Lake hosts nearly 60 resident avian species and serves as vital resting grounds for migratory birds, providing food and refuge for...

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machu picchu birdwatching

Birding in Machu Picchu 4 Days / $650

Discover a captivating journey with the Birdwatching and Machu Picchu Tour, tailored for bird enthusiasts, photographers...

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bird watching in amazon rainforest

Manu National Park Birding Tour 5 Days / $890

Discover the unparalleled birding experience in Manu, Peru, where a transect spans diverse habitats from Andes to Lowland rainforest...

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