Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick Tour

A Rainbow Over the Amazon

02 Days



Max. Altitude

590 ft - 180 m.



Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick Tour

Get ready to be awe-struck on our Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick Tour as you venture into the Peruvian Amazon’s lush jungle to an incredible wildlife spectacle. Hundreds of colorful macaws with wings of blue, red, yellow and green gather at the remote clay lick to supplement their diet. Witness these striking birds descend and mingle in a vibrant display of color. Our expert guides will uncover secrets of the macaws and exotic creatures that abound in this magical diverse rainforest habitat. Don’t miss this bucket-list nature experience!

Trip Highlights

  • Witness hundreds of vibrantly colorful macaws gathering at the clay lick to feed in a stunning natural spectacle.
  • Spot Amazonian birds like toucans, parrots, tanagers and more thriving in their natural rainforest habitat.
  • Trek through lush jungle terrain on guided nature walks to explore extraordinary flora and fauna first-hand.
  • Journey deep into primitive Amazon areas via boat and on foot for an immersive rainforest experience.


» Welcome to the Amazon!

Upon arrival at the Puerto Maldonado airport or bus station, our friendly guide will greet you and transport you to our charming jungle lodge, nestled in the lush Tambopata National Reserve.

After check-in and lunch, gear up for an enthralling guided trek through thriving rainforest trails surrounding the lodge. Over two hours, your eagle-eyed naturalist guide will introduce you to extraordinary wildlife and plants, like squirrel monkeys playing overhead, vivid macaws and toucans calling amidst towering Brazil nut trees, and tiny poison dart frogs dwelling by glistening bromeliads.

As the setting sun casts a golden glow over the jungle, return to the lodge to rest and restore with sweeping rainforest views. Once darkness falls, set out by boat to spotlight elusive creatures of the night - keep watch for glowing caiman eyes, fishing bats, and maybe even an enormous capybara foraging along the riverbanks. Gaze upward at the dazzling cosmos in pristine jungle skies before heading back for a delicious homecooked dinner and good night's rest, serenaded by a symphony of insects and frogs. Adventure awaits!

» Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick Tour

Rise and shine for a vibrant dawn awaiting in the jungle! Enjoy coffee or tea before boarding our boat under the cloak of darkness. Skim along the Tambopata River searching for wildlife stirring at daybreak - perhaps we'll catch a glimpse of the elusive jaguar or a stealthy anaconda.

As the rainforest comes alive with color and sound we arrive at the remote Chuncho clay lick, settling in to witness a spectacular natural wonder. For the next three hours, marvel as hundreds of scarlet, green and blue macaws, along with vibrant parrots and parakeets gather, their raspy squawks and whistles creating a cacophonous jungle symphony. Watch raptly as these striking birds jostle, feed and take flight in an explosion of color.

After an abundant breakfast, continue exploring by boat to spot riverside wildlife like lumbering tapirs, boisterous capybara families, sly monkeys and basking caimans. Bask in the thriving beauty of the jungle as our guide shares insights into this magical place.

Later, return to town reminiscing about the day's wonders and dreaming of when you'll next visit this verdant Amazon paradise!


  • Entrance tickets to the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Bilingual naturalist guide.
  • Fluvial and terrestrial transportation.
  • Lodging.
  • Meals.
  • Pick up from the airport or bus station.

Not included:

  • Tips, Snacks, Drinks, Extra expenses.
  • First Breakfast and last day dinner.
  • Original passport and student ISIC Card if applicable.
  • Small back pack and confortable shoes.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December – April).
  • 4 complete change of clothing.
  • Hat or cap to protect you from the sun.
  • Sun block (sun protection cream).
  • Insect repellent.
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, etc.
  • Camera, plenty of film and batteries.
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra Money (soles).
  • Swimwear.
  • Sit down with a shaman for a private meditation ceremony.
  • Observe local weavers at work during private demonstrations.
  • Hone your kitchen skills during Peruvian cooking classes with celebrated chefs.
  • Amp up the adrenaline with exhilarating adventure activities such as riding the fast-flowing rapids of the Vilcanota River, or zooming along zip lines among towering Andean peaks.

What is the best time of year to visit Tambopata?
The dry season from May to October is ideal for wildlife viewing and easier hiking. Peak macaw season is from August to October.

What is the weather and temperature like?
The climate is tropical, warm and humid year-round. Temperatures range from 60s-80s°F. Pack light, quick dry clothing.

What wildlife is commonly seen?
Expect amazing birds like macaws, parrots, toucans and wildlife like monkeys, sloths, caiman and more. Sightings vary by season and luck.

How physically demanding are the tours?
Tours range from light to demanding with rugged hikes. Most require some fitness. Guides pace tours appropriately. Discuss concerns with us.

What are accommodations like?
We offer a range of accommodations from jungle lodges to tents. Most have private rooms and bathrooms. Expect rustic, comfortable simplicity immersed in nature.

Is it safe to travel there?
Tambopata is very secure and tourist friendly. Our expert local guides ensure proper precautions are taken on tours and excursions.

What essentials should I pack?
Light, quick-dry clothing, hiking shoes/boots, hat, binoculars, camera, batteries, flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen are highly recommended.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We look forward to welcoming you to Tambopata!

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