9 Top Rated Restaurants in Machu Picchu to Enjoy Peruvian Food

Machu Picchu is home to some of the greatest culinary delights Peru has to offer. From fresh seafood dishes to hearty traditional meals, these nine restaurants offer the best of Machu Picchu’s local dining scene.

1. Indio Feliz.

Located in the centre of Machu Picchu, Indio Feliz is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine. They offer a wide variety of regional dishes, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, so you can always be sure that whatever you order will be as delicious as possible. Dishes are prepared with love and care and presentation is creative – giving diners an unforgettable experience.

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2. Green House Organic Concept.

Green House is a restaurant that is characterized by using 100% organic ingredients in the preparation of its dishes, as well as offering variety, good service and exquisite flavor. Come and check our excellent service. Organic, and tasty dishes make up the menu where you will find salads, hot soups. For vegetarians, for those who are not, for vegans, everyone will find a dish to suit them, since if something characterizes Green House it is its variety.

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3. Chullos Restaurant & Craft Beer.

Chullos Restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, offering the best of contemporary Peruvian dishes in a lovely atmosphere. Sample tender ceviches, vibrant lomo saltado, and a range of other unique dining creations. Dine al fresco on their outdoor terrace as you take in stunning views of Machu Picchu’s mountains. They also serve up tasty cocktails — enjoy a refreshing pisco sour while you relax and let your meal settle.

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4. Mapacho Craft Beer Restaurant.

Mapacho Restaurant is another top rated eatery specialising in traditional Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant is popular with locals, who rave about its alpaca and beef dishes. Mapacho also has a selection of vegan options, such as quinoa dishes with vegetable stews. As an added bonus, visitors can try their hand at making their own meal with the help of experienced chefs in the kitchen. Be sure to cap off your meal with one of their delicious desserts—like lucuma ice cream!

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5. Julian Restaurant.

Julian Restaurant is the perfect place to visit when you’re in Machu Picchu. The food consists of traditional Peruvian dishes, made with fresh ingredients and careful attention by experienced chefs. All the dishes are cooked well and served with generous portions. The view of the Urubamba River from the restaurant is one of a kind and an atmosphere you will certainly not forget soon. It’s a great spot for lunch or dinner when exploring Machu Picchu, as no other restaurant can provide its combination of stunning views and top-notch cuisine.

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6. Full House Machu Picchu Restaurant.

For an unforgettable dining experience, make sure to visit Full House Restaurant when exploring Machu Picchu. The restaurant has earned a reputation for providing excellent food served in a traditional atmosphere. Plus, the friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to help answer questions about the menu and local history of Peru. So come taste why Full House has become one of the most popular restaurants in Machu Picchu!

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7. Machu Pisco Bar & Restaurant.

Machu Pisco is a cozy restaurant that serves a mix of traditional Peruvian and international dishes. The menu features a wide range of options, including ceviche, lomo saltado, and ají de gallina. The restaurant also has a great selection of pisco-based cocktails and a comfortable atmosphere.

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8. Toto’s House.

Toto’s Housei is an upscale restaurant that offers a fine dining experience and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The menu features a variety of traditional Peruvian dishes, as well as some international options. The restaurant is known for its innovative Peruvian cuisine and great service.

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9. Hot Springs II.

Hot Springs II is a fine dining restaurant that offers an innovative Peruvian cuisine. The menu features a variety of traditional Peruvian dishes, as well as some international options. The restaurant is known for its great service and upscale atmosphere.

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In conclusion, Machu Picchu Town, Peru offers a wide variety of top-rated restaurants to enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine.

All these restaurants have a great selection of pisco-based cocktails and comfortable atmosphere. It’s always good to check recent reviews and ratings before visiting, as the list is based on general information and the restaurants may not be available or have different ratings at current date.

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