The Political Crisis in Peru and the Closure of Machu Picchu

Peru has been rocked by civil and political unrest in recent weeks, leading to the closure of one of its most iconic attractions, the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. The protests have been fueled by a variety of issues, from government corruption to economic inequality, and have forced visitors from around the world to find alternative travel plans.

Overview of the Political Crisis in Peru.

The protests in Peru began in response to a series of controversial economic and political decisions made by the current president, Dina Boluarte. These have included proposed changes to the country’s constitution for the benefit of politicians and large corporations, which have met with significant public opposition.

The crisis has also been exacerbated by the complete rejection of the Peruvian citizens towards the current president Dina Boluarte who is disapproved by more than 70% of the population, due to government corruption and police abuse. As the situation intensifies, people across Peru are beginning to take to the streets to express their discontent.

The protests have been largely peaceful, but there have been reports of violence and vandalism. The government has responded by deploying the military and police to quell the unrest.

Additionally, President Boluarte has declared a state of emergency in several regions of Peru, including the capital Lima. She has also announced a series of economic measures aimed at addressing some of the grievances that have sparked the protests.

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How the Closure of Machu Picchu Affects Tourists.

The closure of Machu Picchu made at 21-01-2023, has far-reaching implications for both local and international tourists. As one of Peru’s most popular attractions, this ancient Incan citadel brings in millions of dollars to the Peruvian economy annually. Its closure is a direct consequence of the current unrest and unfortunately it will have devastating effects on the tourism industry, leaving many people without jobs or livelihoods. For international visitors, this means missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit this breathtaking destination.

Impact on Peru’s Economy and Tourism Industry.

The closure of Machu Picchu and other tourism attractions in Peru has caused significant economic damage to the country. Tourism is the largest industry and foreign tourists bring billions of dollars each year, which supports both local businesses and the nation’s overall growth, particularly in rural areas. As a result of the political turmoil, taxes are not being collected, small businesses have had to close their doors, and it has put additional pressure on an already struggling Peruvian currency.

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Potential Solutions to the Political Crisis in Peru.

In order for the political crisis in Peru to be resolved, it is necessary for the government and protesters to find common ground and develop a mutually beneficial solution. The government must be willing to step down and call for early general elections. Meanwhile, the protesters must come to the table with concrete solutions that bring about peaceful change, uniting rather than dividing citizens. Additionally, it may be necessary for foreign mediators to assist both parties in reaching an agreement.

How Long Will Machu Picchu Remain Closed?

After the Peruvian government imposed a curfew throughout the country, it was unclear when the site would reopen. The government’s actions have sparked outrage among citizens and international organizations, highlighting the political crisis in Peru and its far-reaching implications.

Fortunately, after a few weeks, it was decided to reopen Machu Picchu officially on February 15, 2023. As demonstrations and blockades towards the wonder ceased and vehicular and railway flow returned to normal.

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Currently, the citadel is receiving small groups of national and international tourists who so far have had no problems making their long-awaited visit.

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